Today I prayed I am by Sky Daniels; Edit by Robert Goodman, Esq.

Today I prayed.

Not because I believed the fingers of a higher power would magically snap and make everything okay, but because something needed to be processed within my thoughts.

I prayed for peace – stillness in the middle of the storm, but not in the way one would think. I did not need the waters to be perfectly still (Psalm 23) because waters naturally reflect the wind’s agenda. Instead, I asked for peace within myself so that when the winds blow viciously, I would remain afloat and steady.

I prayed for healing.

Not to take the scars away, but to close wounds from past conflicts encountered along my journey toward the victory I seek. With each step I know I am closer to a moment of triumph, distancing myself from past tribulations. (Joshua 10:8)

I prayed that pain from past conflicts could fuel a positive process. Like the tilling of soil, which prepares the ground to be able to grow a beautiful harvest (Ezekiel 36:9), my past tribulations have prepared me to receive love from others.

I am fertile soil, ready to accept meaningful people in my life like seeds ready for planting. I am the harvest, ready to bloom and bear fruits of the spirit. I am Love. I am Peace. I am Joy. (Galatians 5:22)

Today I prayed.

Not because I thought the Universe would show itself to me, but because at the end of my prayer I had come to realize the source of true power. Power comes from taking all the doubts, hurts, unworthy feelings, and disillusions, and discarding them in exchange for the acceptance of Hope.

I prayed and I received an answer that was there all along.

To invite healing into a dark home, you must first open up the windows to let the light in. Clean every spot to welcome Hope’s arrival. Prayer is the incense that must be kept burning.  Its scent keeps love fresh throughout each room.

I cannot expect a harvest if I do not prepare the soil and see that it is properly planted. I am my home. I am the soil. I am the harvest. As long as my soul lets go of the past disappointments, the fruits of peace, love, healing, and hope will abide.

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