We are Words… by Sky Daniels

Words have power.

They have the ability to make things that are nonexistent appear.
Whether they form an illustration in the mind or an emotion in the heart, words themselves are what truly can be described as life’s Creator.
Words produce, words destroy.
Though they may shake the world with their might,
words are humble, words are beautiful.
They acknowledge the unrecognized, and they fill the inactive silence.
Words are forever moving.
Words transcend their power into our language, so that we may bask in the magic that they generate.
Words share. Words are never selfish.
There was once a significant man who taught me about the importance of words and of their power.
He also taught me that I was just as valuable.

We are words.
We have the responsibility, just like they do, to use them for good.
They are our foundation. We must stay firm in our walk, and never give up.

Words are love.
Words are passion.
Words are the footprints of our souls.

And above all,
words will always be
the reflection of who we were, who we are, and who we can be.

Note: Writing was published in a magazine called That Girl About Town- Link: http://www.thatgirlabouttown.com/blog/living-above-sustainability-by-jeremiah-daniel/

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