Love Conquers All by Sky Daniels

Let go of chains that were broken a long time ago.

Operate under the reality that bright and shiny skies exist and are present now.

Value what you have over what you hope for; the things you hope for will become what you have.

Everyday is an opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful things that life has given you. Opportunity is nothing until you take action.

Celebrate every happy moment. Do not take any of those moments for granted no matter how small.

Only you have the authority to allow what is welcomed into your life. Do not feel obligated to accept everything that knocks at your door; however, do not be afraid to take advantage when the right opportunity arrives.

Note that life may have created you, but you have the ability to create life. Your life is what you make it.

Quality was already a potential placed inside of you. Maintain it and build upon it.

Utilize life's lessons as stones. You cannot create a true foundation or a castle without them.

Enter every new chapter in life with the understanding that you are the story's protagonist. The ending will always end with a huge accomplishment. Do not be afraid to fail.

Remember that you are here for a reason. You were not just created, you were purposely made.

Silence all of your doubts with the ringing bells of truth. Truth cannot be moved, but doubts always will.

Accept life's gifts, but accept yourself first. You are the most important out of all of those gifts.

Leave your sadness in the past and let your happiness live in the present, but above of all…


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